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NYC Pt. 2 / Las Vegas / UNC Lecture

February 22


I was on the road for the better part of the past few months and in my travels I filmed some great stuff.  I gave a talk at the University of North Carolina about DJing and the DJ Documentary thanks to Dr. Mark Katz and DJ A-Minor.  The first 90 minutes of the talk is posted in the Production Diary and I’ll be posting the second half shortly.  You can check out a teaser below and get access to the production diary by donating at least $10 (if you haven’t already).


31 Zimmie UNC 2

I also did 2 rounds of interviews in Las Vegas where I sat down with venue owners, DJs and even people behind some of the biggest clubs and parties.  Check out all the pics on the MEDIA page and look out for some teasers coming soon.

Crykit Dave Fogg

I went behind the scenes and on the stages at the Beyond Wonderland music festival to see what goes down when 70,000 people come out to party.

Zimmie Beyond Z Jeff web

I wrapped up last month with a 2nd round of NYC interviews.  I spoke to pioneers like Grand Wizard Theodore, first-generation DJs like Joey Carvello and even DJ / Producer legends like Just Blaze.  I also checked out the Scratch Academy NYC headquarters and even stopped by a Tools of War True School Hip-Hop park jam thrown by none other than Chrisite Z-Pabon.  Classic!

Tools of War Park Jam web 1

Keep an eye out for some video teasers and another massive update very soon!