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NYC Interviews: Round 1

October 01


Last week was a whirlwind of interviews in New York City.  Despite craziness from a UN summit jamming up Manhattan, I still managed to record 7 interviews, hit 2 parties and rock 1 party of my own.  The interviews were amazing, leading to more questions for the next NYC run, more people to talk to and a bunch of historic content to put together.  I ended up meeting more DJs on this trip that were down to talk but our schedule wouldn’t allow it.  We’ll be back soon.

Zimmie J Period Studio

Interviews last week included J. Period, Danny Krivit, Tony Touch, DJ Riz, DJ Premier, Sammy Bananas, A-Trak and a few “man on the street” talks.  I’ll begin sorting through footage and audio soon and posting snippets in the production diary and adding photos to the media galleries.  If you don’t have a password yet, hit the DONATE button and I’ll send one right over.

Zimmie Premier Studio

September 2014 Update

September 16


Hello internet!  Sorry it’s been a minute since my last update.  I’ve been traveling a ton and working on the documentary.  I have lots of big things in the works and I wanted to get everything lined up before I fill you in.

NYC & Philly Interviews!

I’m heading to NYC next week for some MAJOR interviews.  I won’t spill the beans on who I’m talking to now but if you follow @SoundtrackDJDoc on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll be right there with me.  Speaking of being right there with me…

Production Diary:

I just posted the first chunk of behind-the-scenes content in the production diary.  If you donated at least $10 to this project, I’ll be emailing you shortly with a password.  The first post is a lecture that I gave at the MAINZ audio & DJ institute in Auckland, New Zealand while I was on tour with DJ Premier and Pete Rock.  (picture below)  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite if you don’t have a password… YET!


I’ve got 5 interviews down and I’ll have at least a dozen more wrapped up by next month.  I’ll be putting interview snippets and other goodies in the diary on a regular basis from now on.  If you haven’t donated yet, just click the green button up top and if you have, you can always throw more in.  I can’t thank you enough!  As soon as I get back I’ll be putting the finishing touches on shirts, stickers, posters and more for you.

Site Updates!

I’ve been updating the various sections of this site and I’ll be loading in content on my upcoming travels.  Take a peek around and check back often.  And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter!

Mainz Talk Imagery

June 2014 Update

June 26


Check out the video below to see what’s happening with the DJ Documentary.  Content, rewards, interviews and lots more!  Don’t forget to tell a friend and follow us on social media.

Australian Tour w/ Pete Rock & DJ Premier

April 15


We’re hitting the road in May for a massive tour of Australia with hip-hop production gods Pete Rock & DJ Premier.  In addition to DJing all over the continent for almost 2 weeks, we’ll be sitting down with Pete and Preem for some serious interviews.  This tour and interview footage will mark the start of production for the #DJMovie.  After Australia we’re heading to New Zealand to talk to the good folks at Serato about DJing and their contribution to the craft.  Then it’s more planes to Dublin and London.  We’ve got more interviews scheduled along the way so keep your eyes on the Twitter and Instagram account for the updates!  (Don’t forget to leave your email address on the form above as well)

Pete Premier