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the story


DJs and DJing seem to be everywhere you look today. DJs are the new rock stars and some of the biggest DJs are household names. “You can walk outside and ask anyone on the street today to name a DJ and they can… And that’s amazing.” – A-Trak (in a recent interview for this documentary). But, despite DJs being ubiquitous, there isn’t a history book for DJing.

Soundtrack: The Story of the DJ will be that history book.

The public’s interest in DJs and DJing is immense.  In 2014 there were over 750 festivals in North America and the vast majority showcased DJing in some capacity, resulting in a multi-billion dollar industry. Top-earning DJs grace the cover of Forbes magazine, out-grossing professional athletes. DJs are now a common answer when people are asked to name their favorite artists. Unfortunately, aside from a few unrelated films and a disconnected network of competing blogs and websites, there isn’t much cohesive material documenting the evolution of the DJ.

Soundtrack will be the first documentary to tell the complete story of the DJ.  My vision is to chronicle the amazing journey of the DJ from basements and rec rooms to the biggest festival stages and nightclubs on Earth; to give each era, style and evolutionary leap its place in the spotlight; to show the connecting threads tying different decades, genres and cultures from around the world together through the universal language of music via the conduit of DJs; to explain the technical aspects of what happens in the DJ booth; and to expose both the good and bad sides of the business that is DJing.  We’ll also examine how the constantly-changing state of music affects DJing and vice versa, as these two industries are joined more closely than you might realize.

I was inspired to make this documentary because of the viral response to my END OF DJING article published in 2013.  I received thousands of emails from all over the world and was amazed at how many people who wrote me weren’t DJs but expressed a profound interest in DJ culture.


The story of the DJ predates the story of the rock band. It can easily be argued that in current society, almost everyone is connected to a DJ in one aspect or another:

  • Radio (AM / FM / Satellite / Internet)
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Popular Music (Production / DJs as Band Members)
  • Private Events (Dances / Weddings / Corporate & Collegiate Functions)
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Movies (Original Scores / Music Supervision)

(Take a second and think about how many of these applied to you in the last year.)



I’ll also show you behind the scenes what the career of a DJ looks like. I’ll be following DJs who are traveling around the world, DJs who make their living in night clubs and DJs playing music on some of the biggest radio stations. It’s a fun job, but it’s still a job.

We’ll be on-site at festivals, nightclubs and studios all over the world to get exclusive footage and you’ll be right there with us.  We’ll be behind the scenes and one-on-one with some of the biggest names in the business.


DJ Z-Trip

Ever wondered what’s going on when a DJ is in the booth?  Professional DJs will show you how the technical side of DJing works as well.  We’ll even go into the studio to show you how music is created and influenced by DJs.



To tell this story, I’m going straight to the source. I’ll be interviewing DJs, nightclub owners, promoters, club goers, musicians and music producers integral to the story of the DJ. This story isn’t just about America, so I’ll be talking to DJs in other countries to trace their path and get the complete picture.  Some of the biggest names in the industry have already been interviewed and even more key figures are lined up. Production will take viewers deep into the archives, behind the scenes and around the world to tell this story.

DJ Doc Interview 4 up

who i am

I have been a professional DJ for over a decade.  During that time I have performed all over the United States as well as in Canada and Australia.  My gig roster includes large corporations such as Adidas, Scion and Red Bull, performing at private parties for professional sports teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and sharing the stage with some of the biggest DJs and acts from De La Soul to LMFAO.


I have competed in numerous DJ battles around the United States, including Red Bull’s international competiton “Thre3Style“, placing in the top 3 every time.

My mixtapes and remixes, have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in just a few short years.  My remixes have been featured in record pools that service working DJs and my mixtapes have been showcased on countless blogs.  I have even been hired by companies to collaborate on custom mixes for their brands.


In my podcast, Extra Credit, I interview DJs who I feel are influential and important to DJing and DJ culture to introduce them to other DJs as well as the general public and have their story told.

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